The EHall Pass designed by Eduspire Solutions is an alternative to the paper passport. It is a computer application and software that creates a simple digital ID card when you need to leave your class. Your teacher must enter or click a PIN on the E Hall Pass website to activate the pass.EHallPass-Logo

The EHall Pass has proven to be very beneficial for student safety. Teachers can easily see where their students are so that they can contact tutors quickly in an emergency. Once a student is approved, their teachers will automatically receive a notification. When students leave the classroom, teachers with their badges can easily see which students are in the hallways.

Benefits Of E Hall Pass

The benefits of the EHallPass, presented by Eduspire Solutions, are listed below:

Supports Social Distancing During The Pandemic

Adhering to social distancing protocols is easy with these intuitive features.

  • Pass Hall With Touchless Technology: This touchless system prevents the transmission of germs from person to person.
  • Contact Information Tracking: This makes it easy to report who had the same passport as Student X at any given time.


Ensures Safety At Work

By receiving real-time data and complete transparency, it’s easy to identify and ensure your building’s security needs in real-time.

  • Teachers and administrators have access to an easy-to-use live dashboard with pass details.
  • Keep track of who has a passport and who doesn’t (without asking the student!)
  • Runner pass data is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Problems can thereby be dealt with more quickly if necessary.

Provides Appointment Cards

You can schedule a pass for each student from any device, request a pass for each teacher (the teacher must approve the pass), and receive push notifications before scheduled appointments.

  • For Teachers: You can schedule a pass from any device.
  • For Students: Request a pass from a teacher (requires teacher approval).

Fight Vaping And Vandalism

  • You can prevent specific students from gathering in hallways, bathrooms, hallways, and patios, reducing vaping and vandalism with location controls.
  • Using EHallpass can increase your responsibility for salon traffic and avoid crowds.