Is the digital pass suitable for your school? More and more schools are returning to face-to-face classes. In the past year, schools that were hybrid and personal have now reflected on the challenges these pedagogical models posed. This year, teachers face several challenges, including creating supportive communities for students and providing academic content. Keeping students and staff safe also presents logistical challenges.

E-hall pass (EHP) is an innovative software solution designed to modernize and simplify current, outdated methods of managing student passes and tracking student movement during school hours throughout the day. A student creates a cloud-based approval request on their device, which a teacher can review and approve in various ways. Teachers can also create badges that can be made immediately or scheduled in the future (to schedule visits to headquarters or for counseling, recovery tests, etc.).

Features Of EHall Pass

1. Data Security

EHallPass prioritizes data security, encrypting user data stored on its cloud-based servers. This ensures protection against cyber threats and unauthorized access. Being FERPA-compliant and a member of SDPC reassures users of stringent data privacy standards.

2. Auto Check-In PIN

Enabling an Auto Check-In PIN feature allows automatic check-ins upon entering specific locations. This simplifies and accelerates the check-in process, enhancing efficiency for students and staff while ensuring location accuracy during classes.

3. Inventory Limits

Admins can set limits on available badges or passes, avoiding overbooking and overcrowding scenarios. This feature enhances safety protocols, ensuring compliance and safety within school premises.

4. Contact Tracing

Recording user location history aids in tracking potential exposure to contagious diseases. It enhances safety measures by identifying possible risks and mitigating the spread of infectious diseases.

5. Pass Request and Approval System

Students can request permissions for leaving or entering specific locations, managed efficiently by teachers and admins. This system minimizes class disruptions and fosters student accountability.

6. Customizable Pass Settings

Administrators can tailor pass types, locations, and time constraints, adapting to specific school requirements. This flexibility optimizes usage and aligns with individual school policies.

7. Integration with Clever

Seamless login integration through Clever simplifies authentication, offering secure access via an education software platform.

8. Pass Analytics and Reporting

Insightful analytics on pass usage empower administrators to make informed decisions. These analytics facilitate efficiency improvements and informed policy adjustments.

9. Contactless Check-In/Check-Out with QR Codes

QR code-based check-ins/check-outs minimize physical contact, reducing the risk of infectious disease spread and maintaining user safety.

10. Push Notifications

Real-time updates and reminders via push notifications keep users informed and engaged, ensuring they stay updated with crucial information.

11. Pass History and Audit Trail

A detailed audit trail of pass usage assists in tracking user activity, enforcing compliance, and ensuring adherence to school policies.

12. Cleaning and Sanitization Management

Effective management and tracking of cleaning schedules contribute to maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment.

13. Customizable User Roles and Permissions

Tailoring roles and permissions ensures appropriate access to information for different user groups, enhancing security protocols.

14. Volume Tracking

Tracking the number of individuals in specific locations helps prevent overcrowding and complies with safety guidelines.

15. Appointments and Restricted Passes

Enables scheduling appointments and requesting restricted passes, offering flexibility while maintaining control over user access.

16. Digital Restroom Passes

Facilitates the request and issuance of digital restroom passes, contributing to improved classroom management and reduced disruptions.

17. Social Distancing Tools

Tools designed to assist in maintaining social distancing measures, promoting a safer school environment during crowded periods.

18. Classroom Management

Real-time monitoring of student movements allows teachers to manage classroom activities effectively, minimizing disruptions and ensuring student accountability.

19. Anti-Vaping and Anti-Vandalism Features

Enhanced security measures that deter mischief, vaping, and vandalism, ensuring a secure and disciplined school atmosphere.

20. Building Security

Tools that aid in monitoring and controlling access to different areas within the school premises, preventing unauthorized access and bolstering overall security.

21. Compatibility Across Platforms and Devices

Compatibility with various platforms, browsers, and devices ensures accessibility for all users, promoting inclusivity and ease of use.

22. Audio/Video Call Integration

Integration that allows teachers to receive notifications or conduct meetings remotely, ensuring continuity in communication and supervision.

23. Hybrid Learning Support

Features that facilitate a seamless transition between traditional and digital learning environments, ensuring that schools adapt to changing educational needs.

24. Student Data Privacy

Assurance of stringent data privacy standards, protecting student information from unauthorized access or disclosure, complying with legal regulations.

25. FERPA Compliance

Compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), ensuring confidentiality and safeguarding student records and data.

26. Student Support and Well-being Features

Tools and resources that promote student support and well-being, fostering a positive and nurturing school environment.

27. Admin Control and Customization

Administrative controls that enable customization of settings, ensuring adaptability to unique school requirements and policies.

28. Real-time Reporting and Alerts

Instant reporting and alert systems that facilitate immediate action and decision-making based on current information.

29. User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and usage for all stakeholders, promoting ease of adoption and efficiency.

30. Compliance with Safety Regulations

Adherence to safety regulations and guidelines, ensuring that school practices align with safety protocols and standards.

By encompassing these additional features, EHallPass login emerges as a comprehensive solution, not only for managing student movements but also for fostering a secure, adaptable, and conducive educational environment.

Additional Features

EHall Pass features are as follows:-

Data Security: Eduspire Solution is a member of SDPC (Student Data Privacy Consortium), and its software is FERPA compliant. You can protect your information from unauthorized access or use that could result in the disclosure, destruction, or corruption of that information with the help of EHallPass.

Auto Check-In PIN: The Auto Check-in PIN feature on the e-hall pass allows an admin or staff user to implement a room-specific check-in PIN that students can use at specific times. Check-in” “check-in”. clean \ clean. The student is responsible for entering the room-specific check-in PIN into the ePassport (EHP) to prove that they have arrived at their destination. Procedures for all other points of approval or PIN entry remain the same.

Inventory Limits: Inventory Limits allow an administrator to limit the number of student badges. EHallPass can view information for all users, per grade, or specific students (individually or by uploading a CSV list of students). It displays the number of tickets allowed for the specified date or date range. Admin can also set daily, weekly, or monthly reset limits