Is the digital pass suitable for your school? More and more schools are returning to face-to-face classes. In the past year, schools that were hybrid and personal have now reflected on the challenges these pedagogical models posed. This year, teachers face several challenges, including creating supportive communities for students and providing academic content. Keeping students and staff safe also presents logistical challenges.EHallPass-Logo

E-hall pass (EHP) is an innovative software solution designed to modernize and simplify current outdated methods of managing student passes and tracking student movement during school hours throughout the day. A student creates a cloud-based approval request on their device, which a teacher can review and approve in various ways. Teachers can also create badges that can be made immediately or scheduled in the future (to schedule visits to headquarters or for counseling, recovery tests, etc.).

Features Of EHall Pass

EHall Pass features are as follows:-

Data Security: Eduspire Solution is a member of SDPC (Student Data Privacy Consortium), and its software is FERPA compliant. You can protect your information from unauthorized access or use that could result in the disclosure, destruction, or corruption of that information with the help of EHallPass.

Auto Check-In PIN: The Auto Check-in PIN feature on the e-hall pass allows an admin or staff user to implement a room-specific check-in PIN that students can use at specific times. Check-in” “check-in”. clean \ clean. The student is responsible for entering the room-specific check-in PIN into the ePassport (EHP) to prove that they have arrived at their destination. Procedures for all other points of approval or PIN entry remain the same.

Inventory Limits: Inventory Limits allow an administrator to limit the number of student badges. EHallPass can view information for all users, per grade, or specific students (individually or by uploading a CSV list of students). It displays the number of tickets allowed for the specified date or date range. Admin can also set daily, weekly, or monthly reset limits